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Celebrity Role Models

Role models are people we look up to and try to imitate. They are those who hard work has paid off in pursuit of their dreams. There has been so much concern, especially with the recent Chris Brown/Rihanna scandal, about the effect that celebrities have on our children. For our children, celebrities appear to live glamorous and trouble-free lives. They have all the advantage that they and their parents do not. I do think that it celebrity exposure does lead our children to make certain decisions and quite often television exposes our children to things we may not necessarily want them to see. Quite often, young celebrities are getting themselves into serious trouble and are paying the price for their actions. Many never learn from their actions and they don’t realize that they are role models for young audiences.

As a parent, I know that it is my job to monitor my children and to tell them that they can be extraordinary by making good choices. It is also my job to realize that how my children turn out depends on how I raised them and the time and effort I put in raising them. You can’t blame celebrities when your children head in the wrong direction because ultimately, you are responsible for who your children are looking up to as role models.

There aren’t many great celebrity role models that I want my son admiring. However, of the handful I can count to be good role models, John Cena would top the list. He is probably one of the best role models I have seen in years. He is such a hard worker, and in every way you look at it…he fits the name perfectly. When John Cena started out in the WWE, he was the kid nobody knew; an amazing rags to riches story. I read somewhere that ten years ago John Cena was folding towels and cleaning toilets at a gym in Venice Beach, California. He was even living out his car. He had left his hometown of West Newbury, Massachusetts in a 1991 Lincoln Continental, with two duffel bags, $500 and a dream. His father had begged him to stay in his hometown and make the best of his degree in physiology but Cena chose to follow his dreams instead.

One day, out of luck, he was asked if he wanted to pursue a career in wrestling. That was five years ago and today, he has become one of the WWE’s top attractions. Despite being in business for a few years, John Cena learns more as his career progresses and gets better everyday. It is obvious that his hard work has paid off and he will someday be a Hall of Famer. His recent movie “12 Rounds” is scheduled to debut in two weeks, and even though, it is rated PG-13, I am still taking my nine year old to see it. John Cena is the type of celebrity, who in this parent’s eyes, has demonstrated time and time again, that he is a good role model and I can feel comfortable watching him and allowing my children to watch him on the WWE or a big screen and not have to worry about what kind of influence his behavior plays on young people everywhere.

Moreover, John Cena knows he is a role model and welcomes that responsibility. He was recently interviewed by the Seattle Post Intelligencer and had this to say: “I don’t know when it happened, but nowadays it seems like nobody cares,” Cena said. “Our main figures are collapsing around us. People don’t seem to know that other people are watching them.”

Thank you John Cena for proving that there are, in fact, good celebrity role models out there that our children can look up to.


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