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Celebrity Crushes

This blog post originally was on my old live journal blog from August 2008. Decided to share it again.

Back in my middle school/early high school days, I had a mad crush on Scott Baio. What teenage girl of the 80s and 90s didn’t fantasize about Charles? Sometime after that, I fell in love with Richard Dean Anderson as the nerdy MacGyver.

I still tune in to shows like Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant (next season, he will be married and I will be heartbroken) and Stargate to watch my early crushes, but I am much older now and my celebrity crushes have drastically changed. For one, Scott Baio turned into one heck of a jerk and a player (but he knows that so I don’t have to apologize) and well, Richard Dean Anderson isn’t doing much since he left Stargate (if he did, I would be watching). Or maybe it is because I am mother and despite how much I love the man I married, I still have my celebrity crushes. My celebrity crush these days isn’t a teen heartthrob or a cute genius. I long for more excitement in my life, and excitement these days isn’t on the back of a motorcycle either. I long for a man who has guts, who stands up for the innocent and who believes in what he preaches.

For the last three years, my celebrity crush has been a cute silver haired fox named Anderson Cooper. Anderson first stole my heart in July 2005 when he covered for CNN the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He was the first to confront the Louisiana’s government about the federal response and local requests for federal aid during the days before and after. For the first time in my adult life, I saw a character I had never seen in a celebrity and a character that I had long for desired.

Anderson Cooper is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt of the prominent Vanderbilts and Wyatt Emory Cooper, the artist, designer and writer and there is no question that Anderson is a product of privilege but you would never know that. He has shown compassion in some of the world’s worst tragedies and the most complicated sufferings. In my book, he ranks as compassionate, outspoken and true to his word. And if anyone can make me laugh, make me cry or make me think twice, it is Anderson Cooper.

So whether Anderson is focusing on his Keeping Them Honest segment (this is where he really melts my heart) or poking fun at the Lohan family (I almost died laughing), he touches my heart in a way no man ever has. True, I wouldn’t leave my husband (should you be reading Anderson), he still holds a special place in my heart that he will only have to share for a short time with Keifer Sutherland (I am in love with Jack, not Keifer) when 24 airs in January 2009. And despite the fact my dear friend Naomi says Anderson reminds her of a gnome (Webster’s dictionary defines as gnome as: “an ageless and often deformed dwarf of folklore who lives in the earth and usually guards treasure”), he is my celebrity crush and I will, despite being tired, still tune in to him every evening on Anderson Cooper 360 and fall in love all over again.


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