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The Waterworks

Anyone who knows me knows that I am big crybaby I can be. I cry when I watch the news, while watching a drama on television or while reading a sappy love story. Heck, I cry when I realize that one of those “they grow up so fast moments” has hit me because of something my children did.

My husband has “banned” me from watching the news because the minute I hear about something heart wrenching, or even a beautiful story, I send out the waterworks. It is a good thing my husband was asleep early this morning when I was watching the two-hour episode of Brothers and Sisters that was on my DVR from last night or else I would have been “banned” from watching that as well.

Here are the highlights of my waterworks while watching:
· I cried when Kitty held her baby for the first time;
· I cried when Robert collapsed in the parking garage;
· I cried when Robert went into surgery;
· I cried when Robert met his baby for the first time;
· I cried when Kevin cried while he was telling Scotty about what happened with Robert;
· I cried when Justin told Rebecca about his plans to go to medical school;
· I cried when Tommy was arrested; and
· I cried when Ryan met Justin for the first time.

Apparently, I cried for the entire episode and it was a good thing my husband didn’t catch me or Brothers and Sisters would have been added to the shows I am not allowed to watch.

Another really pathetic time I cried was when I watched the season premiere of Avatar: The Last Airbender (cartoon on Nickelodeon) with my son. I even balled my eyes out at the end when Aang and Zuko stood together to address the four nations.

Go figure – I am full of H2O – at least, it’s not hot air, like plenty of people I know.


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