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Brothers – Part II

Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy – WWE Friday Night SmackDown 2/27/09
Recap: Matt comes out first and then Jeff comes in still in his street clothes. Jeff has a mic and tells Matt that they have always been together and that they will always be brothers. Matt says he is not like Jeff and that the fans love Jeff more and how this time is going to be all about Matt. He adds that if he had done all the things that Jeff had done, that the fans would never forgive him as they did Jeff. Matt blames the fans and his brother for his second-rate career. Matt says that Jeff is just all hype and insists that Jeff fight him, but Jeff refuses. After getting smacked in the face twice by Matt, Jeff walks out of the ring, and gets applauded by the fans.
As my son watched, he kept begging Jeff to walk away. “Don’t do it Jeff.” He whispered. Jeff Hardy heeded my son’s advice and walked away. My son isn’t too thrilled with Matt’s insistence to fight his younger brother as he is appalled by the feud between the two. If anyone understands the importance of brotherly love, it would be my nine year old. I know that, not because my nine year old tells me, but because I see how my six month old lights up when he sees his older brother.

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