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Octo-Mom may be getting on everyone’s nerves, but it is time to leave her be

Octo-Mom got exactly what she longed for – celebrity status and a permanent moment in the limelight. Octo-Mom tells Ann Curry that she was an only child (who she still longs for attention) and wanted to fill some missing void (siblings? children?) that she didn’t have as a child. The fact that she had six other children through IVF already (no father, husband, boyfriend in the picture) that simply couldn’t fill that void. She had to have eight more miracle children (no father again) and let her life become a media circus. And for anyone who thinks that Octo-Mom will be using your tax dollars to raise your children, think again. The future of her fourteen children is secure via donations, book deals, movie rights and maybe even a reality television show. If all of us were as smart as Octo-Mom, Nadya Suleman’s name wouldn’t be uttered by every television news station in the country, but you weren’t as smart. (HA! HA!) Let’s face it – Nadya Suleman will never have to change a diaper in her life and care for any children – she will have people to do it for her. That is more than rest of you suckers, (me included) who work/waste your lives away to raise one, two, three, four, maybe five children or more, can say for yourselves. I don’t necessarily agree with exploiting children or what choices were made to have those children, but you have to admit – Nadya has sealed her children’s futures. Whether that makes her a good or bad mother is open for interpretation.

I watched Nadya’s recent interview with Ann Curry and actually lost sleep over it. Of course, she is getting on everyone’s nerves, mine included, but in a way, I feel sorry for her. She is being judged for wanting children in a way that society views as unconventional. Fourteen children, a single mother, no father anymore in sight – oh my, the shame that she has brought to her family and to our country’s medical ethics boards! Nadya’s story started the day she walked into the IVF clinic eight years ago – not nine months ago – and found doctors who agreed with her decisions. There is no innocent party nor was anyone misguided. Nadya and her doctors knew what the outcome would be and were more than happy to be a part of that storyline. And if Nadya were married, well that storyline would be quite boring. After all, what could be so special about living up to society’s expectations? That doesn’t do anything for television ratings and being unmarried with children is automatic scrutiny. As for the death threats – people really need to a get a life. The safety of those children, all fourteen, is far more important than the things reality TV is made up. And yes, Nadya, in about a year, you will have your own reality TV show, movie, book, etc., and when the babies leave the hospital, they will be the million dollar cover of People magazine – good for you!

At first, after watching Nadya’s interview, I was angry that she was exploiting her children and even angrier that she had so many mouths to feed. Could she give those kids the love that she had as a child? Would she be able to provide for them? Who would pay the bill?

However, my opinion changed this morning and especially after reading my own horoscope. “It isn’t always easy to think about how your life is going. Imagine if you were alone in the world, with nothing to hold you back or force you to do one thing or another. At least once a month, consecrate an hour to ‘visualizing’ what your life would be like under these conditions. This will help you figure out what is impeding you today.”

Sadly, Nadya Suleman is alone and you and I are not. She doesn’t deserve to be scrutinized by a society who thinks family should be defined one way or the other. She is a human being and has already been through a lot of punishment for her choices, and it is time to leave this woman and her children alone. Nadya Suleman won’t be having anymore babies so the rest of you shouldn’t lose sleep over what is best for those children. After all, Nadya has already secured these children’s future – all fourteen of them – and it won’t be with your tax dollars either. Let’s face it; cameras will follow those children around for the rest of their lives.

Now then, it is time for that father/sperm donor to get his fifteen minutes of fame and go away as well, but I am quite certain he, too, will have movie rights to sell.


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