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Three Mom Blogs I Absolutely Heart

There are thousands of mom bloggers out there. They type while feeding babies, helping with homework and even scheduling a conference call right as I type this sentence. Chances are that most of them are funny and entertaining and some even offer great mom advice. As for me, there are three particular mom blogs that I enjoy reading and taking tips from.

The Cooper Brick Road – Our Path to Penny Pinching – Rebecca Sprouse is married, working mother. She is also the director of a real estate firm and has a two year old son. Rebecca also loves playing the “game of frugality” and making the best of her busy lifestyle. She especially enjoys telling people how much she saved during a particular shopping trip or purchase and loves passing that along. Recently, Rebecca shared with her readers a CVS trip where she got a free Madagascar 2 DVD. I followed Rebecca’s advice and I now own a Madagascar 2 which I ended up saving $11.00 on. I used the coupon she linked to her blog and also had $6.00 in CVS bucks. So a $19.99 video that I ended up costing me less than $10.00 and turned out to be a great investment. We haven’t watched it but we are looking forward to this weekend. Rebecca’s post recent post: A TGI Friday’s BOGO offer speaks for itself.

The Adventures of Supermom – Michelle Lee was recently interviewed by her local news station in which she told her readers and the viewers of WYFF 4 what is like being a Supermom. Michelle is Supermom to a 10 month old, an almost four year old, a tween and a teenager and if anyone can call themselves a Supermom, it definitely would be Michelle. Her most recent post is about planning her almost four year old’s upcoming birthday party on a budget. She takes Chuck E. Cheese off the list and inserts Candy Land in its place. Michelle also has an Ask Supermom segment on her blog and a Supermom Reviews blog.

The Guilty Parent – This blog is owned by Nichole Smith, the Chief Mom Officer and Community Development Manager at Nichole was named in 2008 as one of the 50 most powerful and influential women in social media. Nichole’s blog started out as a place to vent about her guilt as a parent and as a working mother to a site where parents can go to for parent advice, tips and resources. In her most recent blog post “Bad Grades? Public Humiliation Will Set Them Straight”, Nichole shares with us her views on what two parents did to try to send a message to their teen about getting better grades. I particularly found humor in a blog post I could relate to – Have I really been doing this for thirteen years? And the pictures, Nichole, priceless!

So folks, those are my three most favorite mom blogs. What are yours? I would love to hear about them.

3 thoughts on “Three Mom Blogs I Absolutely Heart

  1. Awww, I see my name on there!!! How awesome is that?!?Thank you for reading my crazy ramblings and then admitting it to everyone.YOU ROCK!!!!!!Michelle

  2. Thank you! This was awesome to wake up and read this on Valentine’s Day Morning? Did you plan that? ;-D I’m always amazed that anyone loves what I’ve written so thank you, thank you!

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