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I’ll admit it I love wrestling

My husband insists that it is I who is addicted to wrestling and not something that I do as a courtesy for my nine year old. Well I will admit, I have always been a fan, but my nine year old did get me more into it. I recently started purchasing the pay per events, which my husband has been frowning upon. My big target – to attend a live WWE event, but with the baby being so little and my husband working all the time, I am not sure when I will make the time. I love buying wrestlers for my son. He collects them and I like to have them around and yes, there I go trying to be all innocent in my love for wrestling. I have heard there is a WWE restaurant in New York and perhaps, I may go there this summer.

My favorite wrestler, you ask? Shawn Michaels, Mr. WrestleMania. I am so excited about Sunday’s No Way Out WWE event. Who wouldn’t be? At the same time, who hasn’t gotten tired of the business relationship between Shawn Michaels and JBL? The whole employer/employee relationship has been a surprise to fans from the beginning. With Shawn trying to play the role of the compliant employee every week, why not watch RAW every week to be a part of the action? Shawn Michaels is a great wrestler and if he wins Sunday, he gets paid and he is free of JBL. If he loses, JBL will own his name, his image and his entire life. Of course, my vote is on Michaels who is paving his way to WrestleMania and the win all on April 5. Who besides me doesn’t think that JBL’s getting his butt kicked by Shawn Michaels isn’t exciting? I mean, poor Shawn Michaels beating a nasty, cold hearted, rich jerk who gets his kicks from the misery of others; of course, it is an event for watching. However, it could go the other way and JBL wins and gives Shawn get another chance to save himself, perhaps at WrestleMania. For anyone who knows Michaels’ track record – a ladder match against the Razor, the war with Bret Hart, passing the torch to Stone Cold Steve, his feud with Chris Jericho last year, showing his dark side to the McMahon family, and bringing down Ric Flair-history will prove again that Shawn Michaels is in fact Mr. WrestleMania.

At this point you can feel free to criticize my knowledge of the WWE or my love for professional wrestling. Come on – why do I love watching fake wrestling? Don’t I know it isn’t real? Why do I want to watch half-naked men putting their hands all over each other in front of thousands of people? And perhaps, “wrestling is so ….,” – you get the picture. Yes, I know wrestling is fake and yes, I know it is scripted but it is entertainment and many millions of wrestling fans are on my side here. Wrestlers are great storytellers. The storylines are fictional as is any show you see on television. I enjoy the storylines, the ridiculous feuds and those wild speeches the wrestlers put on in the ring. Like a couple weeks ago when Chris Jericho told Ric Flair to give it up and retire. So Ric Flair shows up on last Monday’s RAW and shows Chris Jericho that he still has it.

For those of you with the need to criticize, give the WWE some credit. Try watching for yourself and you may actually find it quite entertaining. After all, the WWE is good at what they do – entertaining.


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