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Me Time is Guilt Time

Me time – what’s that, you ask? I found the perfect definition at – A period during which someone relaxes by doing something he/she enjoys. (What a slap in the face.) Apparently, the definition I have known for many years does not apply. My definition includes a well thought of synonym “guilt time”. When I attempt this long sought out ideal of “me time”, one quite often tried out by other Super Moms, I feel guilty and my me time abruptly ends. Moreover, it is just not my kids that come to mind during my interrupted-with guilt me time. It is my husband, my mom, my siblings and even my job that somehow also manages to make me guilty. I am a walking guilt machine. I keep hearing a voice in my head shouting “Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!” like the piercing “A” in The Scarlet Letter.

I came across the Me Time Central ( website while visiting Nicole’s blog, appropriately titled The Guilty Parent (see I am not the only one). Upon visiting Me Time Central, I came across the perfect t-shirt and realized that no one could be more deserving of it than me. (Yes, Me!). At least, this way, I might actually look convincing while I am trying to enjoy that long deserved pedicure while my husband is babysitting the kids, or while I am reading that book during my lunch hour and ignoring my annoying boss who nags more than my nine year old or even not answering the phone when my mom calls because I want to watch my favorite soap opera.

Oh, wait, this was all just a dream. This blog post never really happened. How could I possibly ever consider not feeling guilty while trying to have me time? After all, me time is guilt time.


One thought on “Me Time is Guilt Time

  1. I have to say that’s about the only thing I don’t feel guilty about. Odd, because everything else in the world is my fault…;)Cute shirt.

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