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The Library of the Future

My nine year old has a very creative mind. For the last year, he has been telling me about the library he will be opening up when he is an adult. I have enjoyed listening to him get the mental blueprints together and I hope that he carries this dream into adulthood. The “library of the future”, as he calls it, will be the biggest library in the world. It will have many branches but the biggest will be located at the Mall of America. For those of you who do not know, the Mall of America is located near St. Paul, Minnesota. Now, my son has never been to Mall of America, but is familiar with it because it is the home of Nickelodeon Universe.

This library fantasy started about a year and a half ago when we moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio. Because my husband remained behind until we got situated, we took several trips back and forth until our move was final. Somehow, between Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northeastern Ohio, a vision was born and one that sounds like a great idea. Even though the main branch is located at Mall of America, my son will like to have many small branches which would be located (where of all places, you ask?) on the nation’s turnpike system. There are, of course, many holes would need to be filled in here, but the people would be able to borrow books at any turnpike branch and return them to any turnpike branch or at the main location. I am sure he will have to set up some system to make sure books will be returned, but we will have to work out the details once he finishes architect school (let’s build first).

Now that we have talking about where the library we will be built, let’s talk about how he plans all calling together all the millionaires in the world to invest in this project. Yes, that is where the funding for the project will come from (kid has his bases covered). He plans on the building being a mile long and mile wide, ten or more story building in the center of the Mall of America which each floor having a theme containing books, magazines, computers, etc. to go with each theme. Each branch would have its own theme but would provide a variety of materials to choose them. The library would also provide entertainment and dining services with several types of themes to cater to all audiences.

The library of the future is still in the works, of course, but my nine year old has already chosen his preference of travel between libraries – teleportation (he has plans on going to “scientist school” so that he can create such a device). Once his teleportation device is up and running, he can teach those Detroit lawmakers how to travel efficiently.

So my son’s “library of the future” is slowly, but surely getting there and I hope that (as farfetched as it may seem) this library dream can be reality. For now, I have told him to keep dreaming and to keep believing that he can do anything he wants to do or be anything he wants to be.

And one more thing, he plans on calling his library “The Largest Library in the Universe”.


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