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Bone-Chilling Weather Means Careless Drivers (that better not get in my way)

The bitter cold that has set in Cleveland and most of the Midwest has brought with it record low temperatures (this morning it was -12 below in the Cleveland area). As for Cleveland record lows, this according to WKYC-Cleveland, the record low was actually set in 1977 with a low of -15.

This morning, on my commute to work (that took an additional hour), the accidents were all over the place. You would think considering that temperatures were below zero and the roads were frozen over that people would drive carefully. I am also wondering why the City of Cleveland (I won’t say anything mean about Cleveland’s mayor today) didn’t just issue a weather emergency and tell everyone to just stay home. Where is the common sense in that? But then again, where is the common sense in driving carefully?

The good news is that most schools were closed today and our children did not have to brave the bitter temperatures or take school buses with the roads iced over. Of course, not my children who had to leave the house this morning (the usual painful ordeal) and take usual commute to two different daycares. As tempted as I was to call out this morning, stay in my warm bed and watch TV all day with my children, the sense of responsibility that I gained when I became a parent kicked in. (Go figure! Now it kicks in. Where was it when I was in high school and trying to sneak in after curfew?)

I am truly not in the mood to tell anyone to drive carefully and safely today. I just want to make it home this evening to be with my children so nobody better get in the way of my making it home safe and sound. And should anyone attempt to, they will know the rage/fury of a (working) mother. Now, everyone get your buts home safely to your families as well.

I will now get off my pedestal. That’s all folks.


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