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Who is Super Mom?

Super Mom

• She has been up since the crack of dawn after working so long into the night.
• She manages to invent extra hours in her day for juggling kids, schedules, housework and her job.
• She can navigate her way through mountains of toys and messy children’s bedrooms.
• She is able to prepare tasty, maybe healthy, snacks.
• She can battle the dust in her home and rid the world (well, her family’s dirty laundry, at least) of stubborn stains.
• She seems to have an invisible third arm and eyes behind her head to handle the never ending balance between work and family. She can change a dirty diaper, help with a school project and even take a conference call all at once.
• She is part-teacher, part-doctor, part-taxi driver, part-coach, part-cheerleader, part-housekeeper, part-boss, and part-whatever else has been handed to her.
• Her biggest baby is named “DAD”

Her code name is SUPERMOM. She is also known as “Mother, Mommy, Mama, and “Come on Mom”.

Other code names include “Soccer Mom”, COICOE (Chief Officer In Change of Everything), “The Boss”, “Working Mom”

Her superpowers include: never-ending love, multitasking, the “famous look”, hugs and kiss that cure any ailment, mind-reading, cheerleading, picking up after Dad, the ability to deal with any temper tantrum at any given time, grocery shopping with small children right after work and before dinnertime – just to name a few.

She is vulnerable to the cry of a small child, working mom guilt, too much pampering, sleep deprivation, stress of the work/life balance, and mothering her co-workers and her hubby.

Some of her slogans:
“Wait until your father gets home!”
“Go to your room and think about what you did.”
“A mother’s work is never done.”
“Can’t talk now, gotta go get the kids!” (Or the dry-cleaning. Or the project someone forgot.)
“Because I said so!”

Super Mom’s secrets:
She is faking it.
She has at least ten meltdowns per day.
She has does not have a perfect/spotless home.
Her children do run wild (around the living room, managing to tear down everything in their path).
Her career is not thriving (but it doesn’t mean she can’t tell family and friends that it is).
She feels guilty-all the time.
Her arch enemy is the stay-at-home mom.
She is actually jealous of the stay-at-home mom.
She wants some (a lot) of her life back.
She loves her kids and never stops.
If given the chance, she wouldn’t change a thing (well except maybe the part about her husband being rich so she can stay at home and be a mom all the time).

I have started a group at Twitter Moms for Super Moms. If you are a Super Mom, please join us.


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