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Murphy’s Law

What Momma does not know about Murphy’s Law? And even if you don’t know what Murphy’s Law is, this definition will definitely remind you that you, too, have been a victim of this law. Things will go wrong at precisely the right moment when you need them to go right. I woke up this morning feeling as sick as could be, all knowing that I could not afford to stay home (not monetarily, either). Then there was the spit up on my shirt from the baby and the trying to get out of the home without incidence – something that we endure every morning – and my nine year old forgot his backpack so we had to turn around and then, we turn around yet a second time to get the baby’s bag that I inconveniently left on the dining room table. Yes, that would be Murphy’s Law.

Now, I sit here at my desk bearing some kind of stomach virus when my nine year old’s school calls to inform that he has forgotten his glasses. Who will drop off his glasses? Will it my darling husband who has started a new job today? Will it be this poor overworked, underappreciated Super Mom? Nope, not today. I told his teacher that he will just have to sit in the front of the class today, as I was unable to leave my mediocre job. He can hate me for that later.

I have learned that, at least for us moms, things only go bad when you need them to go right. All you Super Moms out there know what I mean. Here are some examples:

• Your child gets sick and you have a presentation to give at work, and dear daddy is nowhere to be found.
• You are running late and you forget the children’s lunches.
• The baby spits up on your shirt and you don’t notice it until after that important presentation that you were already late for and had to run out of because you have to drop that sick child off at your mother’s.
• The only time you find a close parking spot when you get to the grocery store is when you have none of the children with you.
• Your noisy neighbor (That stay at home mom that makes everything from scratch and has that spotless home – you know her. Yes, the mom with the polite children that look and act nothing like yours!) only comes over when your kids have turned your living room into Fort Knox.
• One of the kids gets sick before Christmas – right about the time you have run out of sick days and you end up having to borrow a vacation day, or two or three or in my case, four, from the upcoming year.
• How about when you send your child to school, knowing all too well, that they are sick, and praying the school nurse does not call, but sure enough, she calls the minute you arrive at your desk.

Yes, you know what I mean. That would be Murphy’s Law. And knowing my luck, Murphy’s Law will turn this stomach bug into something humiliating and I will end up wishing I called in sick today. Gotta love Murphy’s Law.


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