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Sometimes Crappy Moms Need Advice On How To Be Less Crappy

As far as crappy moms go, well I am the crappiest of them all. Or the “most crappy” as my almost nine year old (tomorrow he will be nine) puts it. I purchased two books this week (yes, on two different days). I am trying to work on a few things, like to stop yelling so much, stop getting up on the wrong side of the bed every morning, smile more, allow for my children’s creativity (even when it makes no sense), stop yelling at my husband because he spoils them too much, stop feeling so guilty when I do something for myself, spend more time with my kids (instead of blogging, surfing the net, perhaps working less, forgetting about that huge pile of dishes in the kitchen sick), or just getting up just a little earlier to make them a decent breakfast…well you get the point.

As for the two books I purchased, one is:

Even June Cleaver Would Forget the Juice Box: Cut Yourself Some Slack (and Still Raise Great Kids) in the Age of Extreme Parenting by Anne Dunnewold.

And the other:

You’re a Good Mom (and your kids aren’t so bad either) by Jen Singer.

According to a description provided by “someone” (honestly, I can’t remember who), Dunnewold’s book is about creating a balance between family, self and work, also ridding oneself of negative thinking, perfectionism and control issues and anxiety.

As for Jen Singer’s book, it is about being something between “Super Mom” and “Slacker Mom” (I stole this from the back cover preview at As for Secret One, “Super Mom is Faking It”, thank you for revealing my secret identity.

I am going to make time, even if it’s just fifteen minutes a day (aside from my business schedule/lifestyle) and will provide a review on each so that you, too, can find some humor in my, Jen’s and Anne’s crazy family lives. Until then, go out and purchase these books. The two cost about $20 with shipping and handling. So now, I will go back to being that crappy mom that, despite all her flaws, loves her kids and never stops.


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