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Take It Easy Out There

Driving Down 71S yesterday evening, it was a sheet of ice but a sheet of ice doesn’t stop Cleveland drivers. We are used to this or so say we say. Only in Cleveland can you wear shorts with a coat at the same time. Only in Cleveland do you turn on your heat, then your air-conditioner and then your heat, all in one day. Only in Cleveland do you drive 75 in a raging blizzard.

While there is some humor in Cleveland weather, there isn’t any humor in the way people drive. Additionally, the morning commute on 90 to downtown was horrendous. However, that didn’t stop people from thinking it was a raceway. Yes, those SUVs speeding down 90 are a make for someone’s day (you know who you are). What about those of you who provide an injustice to other drivers because you are too lazy or in a rush to clean your cars? (Yes, that would be you.) Think about it – If other drivers cannot see you, you can’t see them either.

I do not know about the rest of you, but I want to make it home to my children this evening and every evening thereafter. I want everyone mother, father, son and daughter to make it home to their loved ones this evening and every evening there after.

So, take it easy out there. Leave a bit earlier or arrive to work later. Your employer may think he controls you, but he/she does not control the weather and/or traffic conditions. Slow down. Clean your cars. Avoid distractions. It is simple common sense.

We are Clevelanders. The weather has never stopped us from getting to our destinations, so let’s not let it stop us from getting there safely.

Pictures of 71S last night.

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