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Dear Mr. President-Elect Obama

Dear Mr. President-Elect Obama:

For me, you have always been the nice guy – the reason I voted for you and the reason I rallied for you. You gained my respect because of your charismatic nature and a personality that lacks aggression. You are not a noise maker nor do you invite persons as such in your life. And you have also proved that nice guys don’t finish last. You stand up for your beliefs and when confronted, you handle every situation that comes your way. The media has given you the name “No Drama Obama” because even when drama follows you, you handle it with sophistication and grace.

Lately, your life has been nothing short of drama. From the Illinois governor senator appointment scandal to this new situation with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, your life has become nothing short of a soap opera. You and I, in many ways, are like. We hate drama and try to stay away from it, but it always manages to somehow find us. Needless to say, it is our own doing because we refuse to stay away from the factors that contribute to that drama.

I am not a political person, but years ago, I ran for student government president while in college. I won because of my ability to handle situations, as you have, with sophistication and grace after starting out as the underdog. I took with me several valuable lessons from that experience that I would like to share.

1) You can’t do it all. Learn to Delegate.

2) Stand your ground on what you believe is right and don’t give into the crowd.

3) Stay away from the drama and when it comes, handle it with grace and sophistication.

4) Don’t forget where you came from and what you have always stood for.

5) Keep your promises and always remember who you answer to – the voters/citizens.

6) Be honest with the people that put you where you are.

7) Follow your gut and don’t ever doubt yourself.

8) When making decisions, think about how it would affect your life and lives of those your love if the decision was about you.

The last bit of advice – Be who are and nothing more. The challenges facing you may be hard-hitting and imminent, but your honesty, integrity and sense of morality made you the man you are today and that’s all you need to take to the job.

I may not have continued on the path of politics nor do I plan on ever doing so, but to date, my name has never been forgotten within the student government at my college because of what I did and what I stood for (and of course, my ability to keep accurate records). I take heart in knowing that I always did the right thing and even if it didn’t make me famous, I was able to sleep well at night.

The challenges ahead of you are many and the journey is long. God bless and God Speed.

A Citizen


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