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They Grow Up So Fast

“They grow up so fast.” When my mom used to say it, she would say it with tears in her eyes. Now it is my turn and I, too, say it with tears in my eyes and big ache in my heart. No one told me about the big heartache. I had to figure that out when I became a parent, when realized how fast they do grow up. My eight year old turns nine in five days. Five days? That means that these nine years have gone by faster than I ever imaged. And the baby – in seven days – he will start his fifth month in the world. Of course, I am feeling all gloomy and all teary-eyed. Why wouldn’t I be? I am getting older and so are they. I recently turned 33 and that made me really sad. Now, don’t get the wrong idea here. I am not sad because I am getting older. I am sad because the older I get, the older they get, and the older they get, the more my heart breaks. My nephew is almost 16 and he is getting his learners permit this week. I am not sure how my sister is feeling, but if I was in her shoes, I would probably be balling my eyes out right now, but maybe that is just me. Or maybe, I am just a Jewish mother. I remember the first time I got the “they grow up so fast” feeling. My almost nine year old had just turned three, was all potty trained, and graduated from the toddler room to the preschool room at his daycare. I remember him “reminding” me to pick up his blanket and pillow, because “big kids don’t nap, Mommy” is what he told me. I dropped him off in the “big kids” room and went to pick up his blanket and pillow. By the time I got back to my car, I was in tears and just starting crying my head. I realized that bundle of joy that I brought home from the hospital three years prior was growing up (whether I liked it or not) and before I would know it, he would be an adult, and that really scared me. It still scares me. Like all parents, I cannot and do not want to believe that my kids are growing and changing. And yes, they do grow up fast. They grow, they change and they mature. As much as it scares me, they will grow up and they will turn out just fine, and yes, I will never stop being so darn teary eyed at every milestone in their lives. That is what a mother does. Now, I am not saying that there are days I don’t wish that they were older because things would be easier me, especially those days when I am ready to pull my hair out. There are days when I wish for quiet mornings or for a full night of sleep, but then I realize that those things are not as special as they are. There is a Trace Akins song that brings me tears but reminds of why I am here. It is called “Then They Do”. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And then there is Darius Rucker’s new one.


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