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Thank you to Kyle from IST

Kyle works in our IST department. Kyle came by earlier and took my computer processor for updates thus forcing me to do the unspeakable. What is that you ask? Well, after a week of living in the piles on my messy desk, I cleaned it. Yes, folks, you heard the exclusive here. I cleaned my desk and I have the pictures to prove it.

No one realized how ashamed of the mess I was but I had no control over the situation. I am a Type A personality, meaning, well as my husband quite often tells me, I am nuts. Because I am a Type A person, I hate waiting in lines, to me life is about rush and last, I am always aware of the time and how little of it I have. (My poor children!) Type A personalities also are highly competitive and strong achievers. Of course, Type A natured persons may have problems such as hypertension, heart disease, stress and social isolation. (Really, my poor children.) Guilt is also another problem for Type A’s (poor me).

Unfortunately for this Type A, my husband has a Type B personality – one which I often times find very infuriating. The man was born relaxed and the last thing on his mind is time. He never rushes, never worries and never seems to care about a darn thing – must be nice.

Well, enough about my Type A nature and additional items on the list of ways my husband makes my blood boil. Right now, my biggest achievement is cleaning my desk and hey, I am proud. So again, thank you Kyle from IST for inadvertently rescuing me from the monster I call my desk. I believe a nice thank you note is in order here.


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