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Supermom wants silence

I finally did it! I told my husband to get off his butt and start helping out around the house. (Well, I haven’t done that in about a month.) Of course, it did no good, but I was stressed out and I wanted to take it out on someone and better him than the kids. You know how some days being supermom is overrated? Well, today was one of those days. I long for some peace and quiet. I want to remember what silence sounds like. I actually want to hear myself think for a change. But granted, the only place I “hear” silence (I guess technically speaking, you can’t hear silence) is on my way to work every morning after the chaos of the morning rush in my home. And yes, my husband sleeps through the morning rush chaos and sometimes, I think he sleeps through our marriage.

I would trade every piece of jewelry in my jewelry box for some peace and quiet – not that it would buy me much time. 63 minutes – that is what the average person gets of peace and quiet every day. The average person, huh? Apparently, Supermom isn’t the average person because even when the kids are put to bed or dropped off to school and daycare and while driving into work, my mind is constantly full of more chaos (the same kind that keeps me up at night), and contemplating about the things I need to do or should have done today. And a media researcher says the average person gets 63 minutes of peace and quiet? I am still dumbfounded on that. That research, first of all, must have been by a man and second, he never bothered to ask a mom, a supermom to be exact. Maybe some of those researchers that did the survey could come to my home and give me 63 minutes of peace and quiet, not everyday, but just for one day.


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